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What Our Clients Say

Kushal Dhimaan

Being a teacher, purity is my top priority when it comes to any consumable product. Parag milk gives me the assurance of providing high quality milk that comes directly from farmers and is processed in Parag’s plant in Lucknow.

Deveshwari Devi

I have full trust in Parag that offers a complete range of products including ghee, butter and curd among others. Even my daughter, who worked in a govt. hospital, feels that Parag products are good value for money.

Prakash Chandra

I have spent most of my years in government service and even at 82 years of age, I know that Parag’s quality and supply during festivals is excellent. I also noticed this during the pandemic, when other dairy brands were not readily available, Parag was always present at our doorstep. Salute to the organization’s efforts!

Rashmi Singh

We only want good quality and fresh milk products in our household. My mother-in-law has a strong belief in co-operatives, that’s why we use Parag milk in our family and have been using it for many years now.

Sunita Chaudhary

My husband has been in government service for many years. He assures me that Parag milk is really fresh because it comes from nearby villages/farmers and then undergoes quality testing in their Lucknow plant. I personally love to buy Parag products from their booth near Wave cinemas.

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  • Curd
  • Curd is a probiotic food known all over the world that is made via fermentation. The fermentation process takes place by adding good bacteria to the milk, which adds to the nutritional value to the product and makes it beneficial in various ways. Besides enhancing the taste of the food it is accompanied with, curd also improves digestion and provides strength to bones and teeth.

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  • Flavored milk
  • Flavoured milk is a sweetened dairy drink made with milk, sugar, flavouring and some times, added food colouring. It could be sold as a pasteurized, refrigerated product, or as an ultra-high temperature (UHT) treated product that does not require refrigeration. It can also be prepared in restaurants or at home by mixing milk with different flavours and sugar.

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  • Ghee
  • Ghee is immensely healthy for our body. It improves digestion, stimulates muscle movements, strengthens sense-organs while also nourishing the skin. An ethnic product made in dairies with decades of experience, ghee is a good source of energy and provides vitality to human body.

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  • Parag products are sold through Milk Parlours in Major cities. Most retail outlets also keep Parag ghee and Butter, and Parag Milk Booths keep indigenous products like Dahi, Mattha, chhachh, Laddu, Peda, Paneer etc.,

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