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PCDF was established in the year 1962 with the aim to develop cooperative based organized dairying in the state. PCDF is an organization that has helped to free the milk producers from the exploitation of middle man for years in the milk business and a direct contact was established between the milk producers and the consumers. This state-level apex cooperative institution derives its power from the participation of the milk producers and provides them with professional skills and dynamic professionalism in the traditional form.

Over the years, PCDF has diversified itself into new areas over new dimensions onto new challenges. Today PCDF has an important place in the National Milk Grid in providing milk to Mother Dairy for milk sale in Delhi.

The contribution of PCDF cannot be quantified in mere statistics. The success of PCDF should be judged in this context that the milk producers associated with it are heading surely and steadily towards a prosperous future and over the years the confidence of milk consumers has remained affirmed in Parag.


  • To bring maximum revenue villages of the state under cooperative fold.
  • To procure maximum marketable surplus milk produced in the state through village dairy cooperatives.
  • Social and economic upliftment of rural population.
  • Transparency in milk price payment to farmer.
  • To make dairy cooperatives self-sustainable.
  • To create adequate marketing infrastructure for providing quality milk and milk products to urban consumers.


To increase our national footprint while procuring sustainably from our milk producers, encouraging fair trade practices and providing high quality products to our consumers.

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  • Parag products are sold through Milk Parlours in Major cities. Most retail outlets also keep Parag ghee and Butter, and Parag Milk Booths keep indigenous products like Dahi, Mattha, chhachh, Laddu, Peda, Paneer etc.,

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